Gebärdensprache (DGS)

Low emission zone

For the Munich low emission zone you need a sticker for your car. Within the avenue "Mittlerer Ring" a green sticker is required to prove that your vehicle fulfills the EU exhaust standards. 
Owners of the Blue Badge coming from these countries have free passage.


Parking in town

Parking in the center is usually difficult. Parking spaces in large areas of the city are partially or mainly reserved for the local residents. Owners of the Blue Badge coming from these countries are allowed to park anywhere. Non owners should take the signs, on the side of the streets, into account.


Park & Ride-Facilities, Parking Areas, Parking Structures, Underground Parkings

In some car parks and underground garages owners of the Blue Badge are allowed to park for free or reduced, for example in the culture center Gasteig (currently closed), the shopping centers pep and OEZ and at the airport. Ask the concierge or press the info button on the parking machines.


Parking spaces for disabled people on the side of the streets

You will find an overview of the parking spaces for disabled people here

For each of the entries in this portral, the nearest handicapped parking spaces are indicated.