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accessible for all!

Schloss Nymphenburg

Address on both sides of Garmischer Straße
MVV U6, Bus 63 Westpark (eastern part), Tram 18 Stegener Weg (western part)
Parking 4 spaces at the large parking area at "Wirtshaus am Rosengarten", 2 spaces Gilmstraße 52, 2 spaces Nestroystraße 20
WC Barrier free WCs:
In the restaurant "Wirtshaus am Rosengarten“ (currently closed; front 100 cm, right 60 cm, grab handle only left)
Between the beer garden of the rose garden and the Theatron (accessible from the front, right and left, height-ajustable changig bench but no mobile lift),
Near Seebühne ((in front 130 cm and on the left 80 cm),
In the beer garden „Hopfengarten“ (accessible from the front, on the right 65 cm),
At the water playground near Heiterwangerstraße 34 (accessible from the front, right and left, you get the key at the kiosk next door).
Access Steep ways into the park, as the park is situated in a hollow
Service Playground