Gebärdensprache (DGS)
Address Max-Emanuel-Platz 1, 85764 Oberschleißheim
Phone +49 (0) 89 / 31 58 72-0
Fax +49 (0) 89 / 31 58 72-50
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MVV S1 Oberschleißheim, then take the bus 295 (only Mon-Fri) or the bus 292 to "Mittenheimer Straße" and 540 m walk or to "Schloss" for the New castle or "Lustheim" for the Lustheim castle .
Parking normal spaces on gravel ground behind the old castle and beneath the restaurant, normal spaces and 1 place on gravel ground in front of the new castle

New castle: ramp into ground floor with an incline of 5 %, the bell is 87 cm high, elevator to the upper floor.

Old castle: In the passage on the right of the main entrance, the bell is 101 cm high. From the parking area, please also ring at "Kasse", the bell is 130 cm high.
2 elevators, a ramp with an incline of 9 % and a platform lift with a load capacity of 300 kg. The "nativity scenes from overseas" are accessible only with steps.

Schloss Lustheim: please ring the bell "Museum" on the north side of the building, the bell is 116 cm high. The staff helps with a mobile stair climbing device - not adaptable for electric wheelchairs.

Park: gravel walks, most of them suitable for wheelchair users


New castle: barrier free WC in the upper floor (accessible from the front and right, on the left 71 cm)

Old castle: 2 barrier free WCs (ladies: in front 100 cm, on the right 88 cm, on the left 80 cm. Men's room: in front 100 cm, on the right 83 cm, on the left 87 cm)

Open 1.4. - 30.9. Tue-Sun 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.,
1.10. - 31.3. Tue-Sun 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
Closed: Monday, 1.1., Shrove Tuesday, 24., 25. and 31.12.

New castle: folding chairs to lend

Old castle: canes to lend

Castle Lustheim: 1 wheelchair and folding chairs to lend

Alpine hut: access with 10% steep ramp, barrier free WC (from the front, right and left acessible), outside gravel

Schloss Schleißheim from outside schleissheim neues schloss eingang.klein

Altes Schloss Schleißheim

schleissheim altes schloss durchgang.klein schleissheim altes schloss eingang.klein

Castle Lustheim:  from outside

Castle Lustheim: bell

Castle Lustheim: mobile stair climbing device